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Learn Unity 4

4.0 ( 5840 ratings )
Jeux Éducation Action Sports
Développeur Technicat, LLC

This 3D bowling game is built following the exercises in book Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development, published by Apress, source code available on

The game features a HyperBowl-style swiping control, full bowling game rules, realistic physics, Unity Ads, Game Center achievements and leaderboard, and is created with the Unity game engine and numerous sound and graphics assets from the Unity Asset Store, including:

* Free ArtskillZ Texture Pack from ArtskillZ
* Skeletons Pack from bisaniyehocam
* General Music Set from Giancarlo Leone
* Free SFX Package from Bleep Blop Audio
* Eighteen Free Substances from Allegorithimic
* Barrel from Universal Image.

Fugu Games and Technicat logos by Shane Nakamura.